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A private tour means that a vehicule and a guide are at your disposal to tour the area of your choice. Pick an idea in the suggestions below !
If you book 2 days - 1 day/Mont Saint Michel + 1 day/Landing beaches - we offer the fast-pass entrance tickets to the Mont Saint Michel Abbey !
We strongly advise against doing both the Mont Saint Michel and a half day on the Landing beaches on the same day. Such a day would be very long (~12 hours) and you wouldn't fully enjoy the sites.

Private Tour Half day
(up to 4 hours) : 395€

Private Tour Full day
(up to 8 hours) : 550€

From1 to 8 people, including the guide and vehicule



Le  Mont Saint Michel : Discover "The Occidental Marvel"

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Discover the abbey with your private guide and have a quick lunch in a nice restaurant there and to finish the day with, you could visit the Bayeux tapestry which is also classified UNESCO heritage.

Mont Saint Michel was founded in 708 when the bishop Aubert received the visit of the Archangel Saint Michael requiring of him to found a sanctuary for him. After being appeared once, twice, Aubert did not do anything because He did not believe  it, and the third time, the archangel put his finger on  Aubert's skull, made a hole in it  so that  He realizes that this appearance was not a dream. Aubert sent two emissaries in Italy in monte gargano where the archangel had appeared in the 5th century.

 A church was built in the 10th century, "Our lady underground", which was consolidated in the 11th century in order to build the abbey church that we know today on  the top of this one.